My Song

I almost wanted to call this track “Mr. Garage Band Demo Song.” Because, in essence, that’s what this is – a cool demo of me basically “playing around” and trying out all of the different features of Apple’s excellent looper/synth/sequencer, GarageBand. Instead, I decided on the name “My Song,” as this is the default track name assigned by GarageBand… still, despite that, this is still quite an original compilation, and definitely has a distinct “digint” feel to it.

This project was actually done in a number of sessions over the course of a couple of months – mainly because when I got up to 4 tracks of audio, my old computer didn’t have the juice to support any more, so I picked it up again when my new comp arrived. In terms of influences, I guess I was going for a slightly experimental-ambient sound, with maybe a slighty Bassic kind of sound… it definitely ended up in my usual experimental style, though.

If you listen closely, you’ll notice quite a few of Apple’s “stock” loops in this piece… although probably with some sounds you haven’t heard out of GarageBand before. This is because a number of the sounds are sampled from the excellent Green Oak Crystal audiounit synth. At any rate, I definitely like the ambience and ever-changing nature of this piece… this piece may not be for everyone, as it has its dissonant spots (ah, who am I kidding? If you’ve gotten through some of my other music, I’m sure you can handle this), but I find that I have this urge to play it over and over again…

I was originally going to post the first, slightly rougher version, but I decided to go back in and clean up a few spots before I posted the “re-tuned” release.