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Acoustic Rain (tablet experiments)

An experimental album of music played/sequenced live and recorded on my phone/tablet using various music apps.  All songs here are the first “live” draft, and may be corrected/reprocessed later.  Generally ambient synth/rock sound.

1. Barbecuew (created by… my voice, primarily)


1. An Unpopular Lactobacilli (created in Beatwave)


2. A Vaguely Popular Lactobacilli (created in Beatwave)


3. RainA (created in Rockmate)


4. Yergi (created in Rockmate)



CoolPad was one of those rare compositions that was actually done incrementally, bit by bit, over the course of a number of weeks. Initially, CoolPad started with a single pattern I was playing on a Reaktor synth that I was demoing. So, I recorded a loop of the pattern, and began adding on other sounds, including tones from Buzzer, Vanguard, and others. Finally, I threw on a fairly simple drum loop, and that was the basic sound. From there, more things were layered on, and various different sounds came into play, finally leading to a breakdown and another buildup (with some sounds almost reminiscent of “Midnight in Berlin”), before finally coming up with a decent ending.

Aside from the main Reaktor pad sound and a few others from the likes of Buzzer, almost everything in this track is done with an instance of Vanguard (except for some EXSP strings). The drum loops (there is actually more than one) are from Garageband Jam Pack 2.



This is the first try at using digital sound patches in Melody Assistant. It was an interesting song to write, especially with the beat patterns. The song actually started from a very simple beat pattern, and evolved from there. When I finally ended up with the finished project, though, after 3 iterations, I was still unsatisfied with how it sounded. I began to fool around with it in SoundMaker, and decided that it sounded much better reversed – and so it turned into Beatbox 5A.

Beatbox 5A was largely an experiment with how far I could push my music program. At this point, I was still only using Melody Assistant, and some sound editors. Sufficed to say, this is the actual “release” version of the song that is Beatbox 3, and is essentially that piece, with some modifications, and played in reverse. I’m sure it’s been done before, but the reverse sound, especially after the piece was changed to make it work, give the piece a better feel, and doesn’t sound as straightforward and plodding as the original version.