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Welcome to the new (again) DigInt site! 

It seems like every time I update the site, some plugin or other goes berserk and stops working, usually the audio player. So, I’ve simplified the way that things work, separating out the player and download links.

Here’s how things look now:


To download the file, you can right-click on the link with the title of the track, and choose “Save File As”. It’s a direct link, and will save the MP3 file directly. If you want to use your browser’s own audio player, you can click directly on the link to open the MP3 file itself in your browser.

Directly below the title there should be an embedded audio player. Its configuration is fairly standard, use the play/pause button to start and stop the audio, use the bar to scrub to a particular part of the track, use the volume slider to select your desired volume level.

Due to switching plugins, I am in the process of going back and re-enabling the audio player on previous posts. If you do not see an audio player appear on an older post, you can still click on the link to play or download the file directly.

The player is based on HTML5, with a fallback flash player for unsupported browsers.  If you are browsing the page using Internet Explorer or Firefox, you will probably see the flash player, which doesn’t work as well in some cases if there are too many of them on the screen.  If the player doesn’t work, try opening up just the post for the track you want to listen to. If you don’t see the player at all,you might try excluding the site from your flash or script blocker (don’t worry, there are no ads here).

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